Baby Dedications are an opportunity for churches to partner with parents as they make commitments for how they want to raise their children. Whether you are a church leader searching for baby dedication gifts for families, or you are looking for gift ideas for a family you care about, this post has some ideas for you. There are many different options when considering a gift for the family. Personalized gifts, bibles, books, and more. 

The best baby dedication gifts will help parents remember the promises they make during the dedication and help them get started off right in the parenting journey. If you are a church leader, start by thinking of how you can help parents remember this celebration and get started in their parenting journey, then look for gifts to support that. 

Below we list some gift ideas you can offer families for a baby dedication. 

Personalized Baby Dedication Gifts

Personalized gifts can be a great keepsake for families. Whether you use the church’s logo or the child’s name. We have seen a onesie or bib with the church logo or gifting a blanket with the child’s name and date of dedication can also be special. 

You could find someone in your church that creates items like these or use a tool like Etsy to find budget-friendly customizable items. There are also options for ordering items like onesies or blankets in bulk with your ministry logo on them. 

If you have volunteer photographers during your church services ask them to capture an image of the ceremony or the family after. Print the photo and present it with the baby dedication certificate. This is an easy gift and it allows them to be fully present without worrying about getting a photo for their extended family. 

Children’s Bibles

A Child Dedication is a perfect opportunity to provide the family with babies’ first bible. You can add a personal touch and get one with the child’s name engraved. 

The Sparks Story Bible comes highly recommended. Adult bibles can be difficult for children to follow and understand. This bible includes more stories than a typical children’s bible and it follows the same order as your adult bible.

The Jesus Storybook Bible is another favorite for kids. It’s a collection of bible stories written in a way for children to understand and follow along. This bible comes highly recommended for keeping a child’s attention.

The Tiny Testament Bible is a great option for a keepsake children’s bible in the NIV translation. It is a more classic bible that includes footnotes, words of Jesus in red, and getting to know Jesus’ section specifically for your child to go deeper. 

Some children’s bible paraphrasing can take away from the profound nature of the scriptures. But, these two keep the biblical integrity. 

Books for Parents

A baby’s dedication is as much about the parents as it is the child’s. Parents are publicly sharing their desire to raise their child in a godly household. Providing them with some encouragement, devotionals, and other resources can be a great gift. 

Praying the Scriptures for Your Children is a very popular book to gift parents for a baby dedication. The author teaches you how you can use the Bible as a book of prayers. Parents will learn how to pray for specific desires over their children’s lives while also deepening their perspective of the power of prayer.

Praying Circles Around Your Children is another great option for a parent gift. This is a great practical option for families to create a prayer habit. The authors share stories of parents and also teach you practical steps for starting to pray for your family in a biblical way. 

A Family Devotional is the perfect gift to encourage family bible time. Step Into the Bible: 100 Family Devotions to Help Grow Your Child’s Faith includes 100 bibles stories retold in just ten minutes a day. This is a great tool to establish a daily devotional habit for your children.

Dedication Certificate 

Providing the family with a Child Dedication Certificate is a great option if your budget is minimal. It should include the child’s name and the date of the ceremony. Have your pastor sign it and present it in a nice frame. 

The certificate should include information about the ceremony, the dates, and the names of the family. Read more about what to include on the certificate and find a free template for your certificates here. 

Next Steps

First-time parents and even parents with a new child can easily feel overwhelmed and alone. Equip them with information about how they can stay connected as parents. 

Include information about the next steps for the family. How can they get involved in your kid’s ministry? Include any details about small groups or bible studies for parents. Share contact information for your Children’s Pastor and details about the weekend or virtual options for children.

This is an exciting time for parents and it’s a great time to introduce them to the children’s ministry at your church. Whether they are first-time parents or long-time attenders use this opportunity to illustrate the core mission of your ministry.