Nope, I’m not telling you what we’re actually doing… yet. That will come tomorrow. Before we arrived with the idea of what we’re doing right now, I had many thought of what I would like it to me.

Primary thought: Do child dedication exclusively in small groups. Want to eliminate the dog and pony show aspect of child dedication? Take away the audience. So, if child dedication is really about parents making a commitment in front of people they are doing life with, why not do child dedication exclusively within small groups. Group leaders can be equipped to do this or someone from the kids team can help lead the occasion. If we’re a church that really believes that small groups are the way people are going to grow, then why not let his happen exclusively in small groups. My friend Gina has been creating the tools to do this at her church.

However, this isn’t the silver bullet. What about those families where the dad is in a mens group and the mom is in a women’s group? Or the couples who are temporarily taking a break. Yeah, in those cases, small group exclusives don’t work either. So, how do you eliminate the “dog and pony” feel, connect hear to heart with parents about their responsibility to lead their kids spiritually and help parents connect with those doing life around them? I’ll share with you our response to this question tomorrow.