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Easter Resources: Graphics & Slides

Easter is 27 days away. Do you know what you’re doing yet? Do you need some help? Looking for some resources to enhance the plan you’re trying to execute? It’s good to know that we don’t always have to re-invent the wheel. There are others who have been in your shoes and have created beautiful resources and have made them available for free and for purchase. This week I’m going to connect you to some incredible Easter resources. There is still plenty of time, so hopefully some of these resources will meet your needs!

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History of Fonts

If you’ve read this blog for more than a year or two, you’ve learned that I have a certain love… and hate for specific fonts. ¬†(Here are some of my past posts on fonts) (Go here to catch up on some of my “I loath Algerian font” themed posts which got me sited in the Algerian Font’s wiki page as a font hate site… Ha! I’m such a nerd) Every now an again, I’ll find a very interesting video or blog about fonts. When designing (something we all do – every time we hang a sign on a door for parents to read), paying attention to the font is important. Some fonts are better designed for big signs, others for easy reading text. Using the wrong font in some situations communicates something different than what you’re trying to say with your font. I know, for some of you this sounds¬†ridiculous, but it’s true.

My good friend Jonathan Cliff knows of my love of fonts and sends me links all the time. Here’s a really interesting video on the history of fonts.. why they’re called fonts, why we call them “upper case” and “lower case” and even where they term¬†italics¬†came from. However, there’s a big chunk of the video that deals with the infamous Comic Sans font, where it came from and why so many people hate it.


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Multisite environments for kids

After consulting experts and leaders in all things multisite, we at Worlds of Wow have a few things to share regarding logos and branding. We are excited share them with the CMO family in regards to multisite kid spaces. A special thanks to Kenny for letting me guest blog here today!

Same Logos:  This may seem like a no-brainer but developing the same logos helps your church in several ways.    Using the same logo throughout all your ministry spaces maximizes your budget dollars.  Like logos also helps your church environment.  Families will associate your ministry by the logos-just like any other brand recognition.

Same Colors:  By choosing the same color palette for your ministry spaces you create similar environments.  Let your walls work for you! Colors are a great way to keep your campuses unified in look and design.  A fresh coat of paint on the walls can do a lot to spruce up an environment.  Consider your logo and choose wall colors that compliment them.

Same Signs:  Having the same style of sign will make it much easier for families to recognize classrooms campus to campus.  Often times, your families will jump campus to campus.  By utilizing like signage-you create an even greater sense of community among your campuses regardless of their location.

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Kitchy Signs in Kidmin

Today I ate a burger (Number 15 burger in Texas) at one of the funniest¬†restaurants¬†I’ve ever been too. I kept cracking up at all the signs. Most of them would not have been appropriate in a church setting, but there were...

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Font Friday: Picking Fonts

Well over a year ago I started Front Friday and I think I only posted two or three times. So, let’s just say that this is a very infrequent blog day. However, someone passed this along to me a few weeks ago and I thought...

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Who is your T-Shirt vendor?

So, I need a little help. I’m gathering information before I have 1500+ camp shirts designed and printed. I want to know about who you know or who you use. Obviously, I’m looking for a great price, but I need to know...

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Camp Promo Card

We’re currently about 5 months away from summer camp. Woo hoo! Our registration goes live this week, so we designed a promo postcard pointing people to the website (which isn’t quite done yet) so they could get all...

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