VGA_8_LCD_Touch_Screen_For_CarI need some ideas.

I’m thinking of launching two self check-in kiosks in August. At my last church, we switched to all self check-in and it was a really good deal. It was so much faster. Here at Gateway we’re using Fellowship One and they have a great self check in mode. I want to start with two stations and eventually move to three of four as I think it will really streamline our check-in process.

So, here’s where I need your help. If you have self-check in kiosks that are permanent installations, tell me about them. I have more than enough mobile kiosks and I may use them to begin with, but I really would like to install them on the walls. At my previous church I had two stations on a wall with a closet on the other side. I mounted touch screen monitors on the wall with a small shelf from IKIA that held the printer and bar code scanner. I ran all the cables through a hole in the wall behind the monitor and the computers sat on a shelf on the other side of the wall. This worked great and I think I can do this again at Gateway, however I do have one place where I’ll need a check-in station where there is not a closet. I think I’ve seen (or at least heard of) computers that were small and attached to the back of a touch screen where I could mount the whole thing to the wall.

So, what does your set-up look like? What equipment are you using? Do you have any pics of your check-in installation? Is anyone using the mounted CPU/touch screen thingy I mentioned. What size touch monitors for self check-in do you have? I’d love ideas and pictures.